You, legendary space warrior Samantha Arantes, have defeated the dreaded Karid-X, but now you will face your hardest challenge yet -- getting your suit cleaned.


  • 9:1 Art-to-Game ratio
  • Instant death
  • Jokes only the author will laugh at
  • Not as many trolls as you'd expect from a submission to a troll-game jam
  • Delicious ramen

This game is a ZZT world. Press P at the title screen to play. Use the arrow keys to move around and touch objects. Hold shift and press an arrow key to shoot when you have ammo. Press S to create a save file (do this often). You can reload a save by pressing R on the title screen.

For more information about ZZT (and access to thousands of other worlds), please visit the Museum of ZZT.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tagsascii, DOS, Retro, Short, zzt
Average sessionA few seconds


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This is overall pretty amusing, but I'm stumped. I know basically everything I need to do (including a rough idea of how to get through the door with power suit in hand), but I can only find three Gems--one between the buildings, one among Craigo's boulders, and one dropped by the fedora dude. Any hints on where to make up the remaining three?

Attempting to buy the boulders is a trigger that allows you to look for gems in some places (such as the one in Craigo's shop). Try re-inspecting some things that you looked at earlier.

Ah, that did it, thank ya! On to the next.