Version 1.1 Update

Howdy everyone! The version 1.1 update is now live. It contains a minor design tweak, and several little bits of polish.

  • Swapped some of the green and yellow doors/keys .
    • This makes a certain minor sequence break riskier to perform (and harder to accidentally do).
  • Made the slime in the cave more noticeable.
  • Slightly modified the placement of the bears in the citadel.
  • Elaborated on one of the prisoners in the citadel.
  • Fixed timing on the steamroller sound effect.
  • Added a couple more lines of incidental dialogue to Grumpy.
  • Added a minor visual clue to an endgame puzzle.

Again, no game-breaking issues have been brought to my attention, so feel free to continue with your current save files if you're in the middle of a playthrough.

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