You, legendary space warrior Samantha Arantes, have taken your suit to the dry cleaners, and are now taking a well-deserved rest -- but soon you will face one of the challenges of all time -- getting a glass of milk from the fridge.

It is recommended that you play the previous title in the award-winning* Samantha Arantes franchise, Samantha Arantes vs. Karid-X2 (demo) to have a fuller understanding of the events in this game.


  • State-of-the-art ray-tracing
  • Not as many trolls as you'd expect from a submission to a troll-game jam
  • Art boards of varying quality
  • Multiple endings

This game is a ZZT world. Press P at the title screen to play. Use the arrow keys to move around and touch objects. Hold shift and press an arrow key to shoot when you have ammo. Press S to create a save file (do this often). You can reload a save by pressing R on the title screen.

For more information about ZZT (and access to thousands of other worlds), please visit the Museum of ZZT.

*It's a very minor award, but I'm still counting it.


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